Since we’ve been seeing a bit more of the sunshine here in the UK over the last few weeks, the warmth and light seem to have triggered some sort of obsession in me with the smell of coconut!

I think it started a wee while back when I bought the Neal’s Yard Remedies Coconut Oil, which I literally use for just about anything.  Face, body, hair. EVERYTHING. 

Apparently the coconut has a multitude of benefits for all of these things, including teeth and, in my opinion, the rather labour intensive Oil Pulling.  I haven’t attempted this, purely because at the hour of the morning I wake up and brush my teeth  a) I don’t have 20 mins to spare to be swilling oil around, and b) the taste of coconut whilst very much appealing in a Bounty Bar, is not something I’d be too wild about that early on in the day. 

I also noticed that a conditioner I use for my thatched hair smells vaguely of coconut (although I can’t find it in the ingredients list).  I’ve become obsessed. 

As such, I’ve been hunting down some coconut scented things for me to satisfy my nostrils with. I am quite fussy when it comes to this it seems.  I want to smell the most natural coconutness I can.  there are a ton of products that claim to be coconut, but that are in fact slightly off the mark IMO. 

I have been in love with this fragrance for a long long time, but the Creed Virgin Island Water is a coconut lovers dream!  One sniff of this and you are instantly transported to a hot desert island paradise in the cool with the divine smelling coconut scent wafting about you.  Not as heavy or creamy as coconut pure, but tinged with something a lot fresher, and almost minty in sensation, this is almost a perfect summer scent, and rather unique.  Around the hundred pound mark for a large bottle, this is on the pricey side, but I really haven’t found anything that smells quite like it. 

Enthused as I was by this, I remembered that The Library of Fragrance have singular note cologne’s.  I looked, and Fresh coconut was one of them.  It arrived, and I’m certainly not disappointed.  Despite the ‘fresh’ in the name, this is more of a scent that manages to include the WHOLE coconut.  Not only the fleshy part that we all associate with the smell, but also the woody husk, and possibly the delicately scented milk.  An excellent one worn alone, or in my case, over the coconut oil, or even to punch out the coconutty elements to the Creed. And. it’s only £15. 

Another one that is all over me at the moment is The Body Shop coconut range, Obvs, being Body Shop it pretty much comes in everything, although oddly not a shampoo. Please work on this! My faves being the famous Body Butter, and the shower wash.  The range starts from about £4 I think. So plenty of opportunity to smell tropical for very little outlay at all. 

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