One of the biggest mysteries surrounding a good flawlessly applied complexion is about concealers.  What works? What stays on? What ACTUALLY covers?

It’s a tough one to get right, and the answer is different for different people.  

As a very general rule, your under eye should be treated a little differently to anything you cover on the face, like the odd spot.  A one product fixes all is a rare commodity, as such I’d recommend nailing the perfect ones for each.  

Wax based, opaque is better for the face I find.  A good solid concealer that really covers, and doesn’t move will work best so you’re not having to worry about it during the day. A decent small synthetic brush (so as not to absorb any of the product and get it directly onto the face) is best for application, and then a gentle patting in should suffice.  

Lighter texture and creamy for the under eye works best for me I find.  They are more supple and move around a bit more so they don’t crack or look cakey.  Make sure to get right into the corner of the eye, and bout a quarter way underneath.  Pat the rest along the under eye area, and the pigment should do the covering, and not the product.  That way you avoid any overkill. 

My favourites for each are:

NARS radiant Creamy Concealer is without doubt one of the best I have used for undereyes. Light texture, and really covers! Can be used straight from the sponge applicator. but be sure to pat it in. 

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage for the face.  Comes in a rather intimidating looking compact but don’t be spooked.  It has two sides so you can custom make your colour for different areas of the face, for example, you might be a bit warmer on the cheeks, than you are on your forehead, so you can adapt to suit. 

Vichy Dermablend Corrector Stick is another super all rounder.  Comes in a stick, but please don’t be tempted to use it straight from that, as it is very high coverage. 

The Dermacolour Camouflage Cream is a great concealer, and actually works well under eye as much as it does on the face. Very opaque this, so a very little amount is all that’s required. 

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