Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Petit Matin & Grand Soir

If you know me you know I am a bit of a perfume freak.  I love smell of all kinds, and continue to be fascinated with it,  From the my very first fragrance purchase all those years ago, to now there have been many love affairs (with fragrances).  Some have lasted, some have fallen by the wayside, some are just casual encounters when the mood takes me. 

I don’t need to tell you how much of a genius Francis Kurkdjian is, his fragrances do that for you. If you are not familiar with them, seek them out and try them. 

With every new addition to the family tree that already exists in the range, there truly is a fragrance for very occasion.  Especially so with the new Petit Matin, and Grand Soir. 

With the emphasis on simplicity, the two have Paris very much at the forefront of their creation.  As the names suggest, one for the morning, and the other for the evening.  

if you have experienced the beauty that is Paris, you’ll know it all just a little bit magic.  One of my favourite things to do is to get lost, no map, and just wander for hours.  Weather permitting of course.  The two fragrances capture the early morning light, and the spectacle of the evening in Paris. 

The first, Matin, is a light, fruity zingy scent.  I am a big fan of citrus and of colognes, but they characteristically don’t last long on the skin, Annoying.  But this has all the good qualities of a traditional smelling cologne, lemony, zingy freshness,  with the lasting power of the EDP that it is. 

The second Grand Soir, is a darker liquid, and it’s scent suits the colour.  It has all the hallmarks of an ‘evening’ scent, the warmth of the benzoin, and the punch of labdanum, it’s a very sexy, very slightly naughty smelling fragrance.  Definitely not for the wusses amongst you that can’t get on with a strong oriental smell. (I say that with affection).  Very seductive indeed. 

He’s really nailed these two. And they are a joy to wear. 

Petit Matin & Grand Soir EDPs. 70ml, £140 available September 1st. 

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