National Fragrance Day

It’s National Fragrance Day here in the UK, and though far from a national holiday, it does open a discussion from other people about scent, or what fragrance they wear.  Fun as you can learn a lot about someone by what they wear, how many they have, and what they consider to be a sexy fragrance. 

I am obsessed with fragrance. I love that it can be an extra part of your wardrobe dependent on factors like mood, what the weather is doing, or even whether you just like the bottle. 

My first fragrance I ever bought was Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Le Male.   You can probably see why by the bottle design alone, but I used to coat myself in it as a teenager.  If your familiar with it, you’ll know it’s a rather strong solid mix of lavender mint and some other quite robust smelling notes.  As such, I/it was by no means subtle. Years later as a grown up I met the perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian who designed Le Male as a relatively young man.  He now has his own fragrance empire which is just as captivating and intricate and I strongly recommend you seek them out. His take Oud is truly exceptional. 

As a grown up (arf) taste has changed, and I’d like to say that my choice of fragrances I wear regularly remind of things.  Weather, childhood, first dates, and so on. Discovering new ones, is like discovering new music, Always very exciting. 

These days, I don’t have a ‘signature’, but there are favourites. 

The a fore mentioned Oud by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is a superb example of high class, and sophistication in my opinion. 

Dior Homme is a very definite 3rd date fragrance. There are few that smell as sexy and intriguing as this in my opinion. If I’m wearing this, LOCK UP YOUR SONS!

On the newby/relatively recently discovered (by me at least) end, the divine 4160 Tuesday’s Sunshine & Pancakes is a lovely, sugary, floury, gorgeous warm scent that takes me to a happy place. It really does smell like Sunday mornings, and a slow steady spoil yourself breakfast on the go. 

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